Jerry Glassman

Jerry Glassman SenseiJerry Glassman Sensei founded HAI KI Aiki Center in Eugene to keep alive the life, spirit and aikido of Harry Ishisaka and his many students.

Glassman Sensei started Aikido training in January 1967 at TRW Aikido Club in Torrance, CA. His training was conducted by two elderly Japanese Senseis from Aikido of Los Angeles. Glassman joined Aikido school in LaHabra, CA under Neal & Dawn McKenzie Senseis.

After enrolling in Orange County Aiki Kai (OCAK) in 1970, run by Harry Ishisaka Sensei, Jerry Glassman Sensei studied with Ishisaka and Kapu Senseis and other instructors in dojo; Luis Martinez Sensei, Dan Kawakami Sensei, John Borges Sensei, and others. He attended class 5-6 days a week for over 10 years and became very attached to the Ishisaka-Kapu style, attitude and philosophy of Aikido and life.

Glassman Sensei studied with Koichi Tohei Sensei in numerous seminars and classes during the early 1970s, when OCAK was affiliated with Ki Society. He also attended summer class (3 hours per day, 5 days per week, ten weeks) taught by Tohei Sensei in 1975 at Cal State Fullerton.

Additional Aikido training included study with Walter Muryasz Sensei, Jim Friesen Sensei, Jon Takagi Sensei, B.J. Carlyle Sensei, Frank McGoiurk Sensei, Doran Sensei, Saotome Sensei, Toyoda Sensei, Saito Sensei, Nishio Sensei, Chiba Sensei, Chinn Sensei and others. He attended classes and seminars whenever the opportunity presented itself. He has also studied on the mat with Henry Oshiro Sensei, Dan Kawakami Sensei, Stephen Siegel (Seagal) Sensei, James Nakayama Sensei, Gary Welborn Sensei, Han Do Sensei and many others. He taught a very successful and well received aikido class at Braille Institute for the Blind, Anaheim, CA, 1984.

Glassman Sensei received Shodan 1975 from Tohei Sensei, exam conducted by Rod Kobayashi Sensei, Harry Ishisaka Sensei and John Kapu Sensei. In January 1981, he received Nidan at Orange County Aiki Kai, exam conducted in 1980 by Rod Kobayashi Sensei, John Kapu Sensei and Jim Friesen Sensei. He received Sandan from Fumio Toyoda Sensei, Aikido Association of America; exam conducted 1992, by Walter Muryasz Sensei, Jim Friesen Sensei, James Nakayama Sensei, Henry Oshiro Sensei, Han Do Sensei and Martin Katz Sensei.

In 1997, Jerry Glassman Sensei was awarded Honorary Yondan by Tustin Recreation Center, for 10 years of positive contributions to the community and establishment of the Tustin HAI KI Aikido program.

He was invited to conduct an Aikido seminar at Orange County Aiki Kai in August 2000, to celebrate over 30 years studying, teaching, and promoting Aikido instruction in Orange County and enlivening the childrens programs. Some of those present included Henry Oshiro Sensei, Orange County Aiki Kai, Walter Muryasz Sensei, Torrey Pines Aikikai, James Nakayama Sensei, Chushinkan Dojo. He accepted Honorary Godan.

PacMAC Instructor – 2007, 2008, 2009.

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