Bob Brown

I began studying the martial arts at the age of 16. Over the years I have studied many different systems: Shotokan Karate, Kwon Mu Do Tae Kwon Do, Goshin Jutsu Karate, Aiki-Jutsu Ryu, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Escrima, and Jeet Kune Do. My instructor certification in Jeet Kune Do was granted by Steve Golden of Vancouver, Washington.

I have been involved in law enforcement and security work of the past 25 years and have been a certified instructor of defensive tactics and use of force courses in Ohio and Oregon. For six years I was the defensive tactics instructor for the Regional Reserve Police Academy at Lane Community College.

I have provided long term self defense training at my home in Junction City and short term courses in self defense and rape prevention seminars at OSU and U of O since 1985. I have also provided training to members of the Eugene Police Department SWAT team.

PacMAC Instructor – 2008, 2014