Andy Miles

Andrew Miles is an instructor of 8 Step Praying Mantis and Shyun style taiji at Kungfu Eugene and  a practitioner of Chinese Medicine at Herbmed RX in Eugene Oregon.

Shifu Andrew Miles
● Trained in martial arts since age 5.
● After partaking in international competitions was invited to teach seminars throughout Europe.
● Invited to teach martial arts at a New Hampshire Boarding school.
● Studied Medicine formally in Canada and did clinical internships in China.
● Private practice in Canada and US.
● Consulted for pharmaceutical companies in Europe, N. America, China, and Africa.
● Assigned to return lost cultural treasures by opening a martial arts school in Chengdu, making him the first non-Chinese to do so.
● Invited to teach at the Chengdu University for Chinese Medicine.
● Invited to compete in martial arts on national television in China.
● Taught martial arts as a visiting professor at Hung Kuang University.
● Taught 8 Step Mantis, Combat Taiji, and Chinese Medicine diagnosis at Hung Kuang University.
● Keynote speaker at the International Conference for Humanity and Bio-ethics in Taiwan.
● Assistant doctor at Beijing Tongren Tang, China’s oldest private clinic.
● Was the first non-Chinese to be included into a fraternity of Chinese politicians and businessmen.
● A living link to The Lao Shan order Xia (Chinese physician-knights) dating back to the 1600s during the Ming Dynasty.

Articles written by Shifu Miles:
March 2007 “Kungfu Magazine” 10 Steps to the Perfect Mantis Grab
Fed 2006 “Inside Kungfu” Protect the Knees with Chinese Medicine
Nov 2002, “Inside Kung Fu Magazine” Eight Deadly hands of the Mantis
Jan 2002, “Kung Fu Magazine” The Legacy of Eight Step Praying Mantis
Aug 2001 “Blackbelt Magazine” Eight Principles of the Mantis

Seminars taught as a head instructor:
April 2010-Eco-ethics and Humanity International Conference: Perspecives on the Endocrine system and Daoism for Nurturing Humanity.
March 2010-IBM Seminar on Daoism through movement. Chengdu, China
Feb-2010-Taiji for foreign students. Chengdu, China
Jan-2009-Special ops hand to hand. Chengdu, China
June-2008- Martial and Healing arts. Victoria, Canada
Nov-2002-Womens Self Defense. New Hampton, US
Aug-2001-Tai chi and Tui Na Massage Seminars in Marseilles, France
Aug-2001- Kung Fu Seminar in Manheim,Germany
Jan-2001-Tai Chi/ Movement for theatre dept of New Hampton School
Jul-2000-Sports Plus Guest counselor for martial arts. New Hampton, US
Aug-2000-Performance Plus Theatre Camp, Taiji Movement for Theatre. New Hampton, US

PacMAC Instructor – 2012, 2013

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